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The power of culture

Is culture the first thing that comes to your mind if you have to transform your business? If not, then may be it is high time the importance of same is revisited. Likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook have been able to attract the best talent and retain them over the years, is because of their exceptional culture. The quotes of wisdom like 'Culture eats strategy for breakfast', 'An A+ team can run circles of a B+ team' are getting more like war cries in the current times. So if

How to create synergy in the workplace

Ask your team members! As simple as that. Not only you are making them feel important, but you are also rubbing off a culture that they are going to follow when you are not around. And not to forget the great ideas and execution you are going to get, without much fret. The thing which is left now is asking what are bottlenecks that the team might face while executing those ideas, as you are the #primefacilitator. Don't forget to reward those who really exceed in this executio

Brainstorm what-not-to: the wall of ideas or just the wall

Brainstorming has to be efficient as well as executable. It is indeed a great activity which brings out the best ideas, but without the right outputs, the exercise can be nothing less than frustration. Brainstorming can be great only if the person which is driving is very clear of the outcomes of the discussion. There needs to be clear to-do tasks as soon as a conclusion is reached. A brainstorming session which is not properly charted, will be a mess. If you are able to focu

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